Salalah is a popular destination with regional and international tourists; great location all year round for a unique holiday. It is home to legends and folklore, ancient history,
wildlife and adventure.
Salalah is situated in the Dhofar region to in the southern part of the Sultanate of Oman.
It is surrounded by mountains on the edge of the Indian Ocean . Unspoiled, white sandy beaches are scattered with coconut palms, banana plantations and blow holes spurting water over 30 meters into the air. Mountains, cliffs, caves and waterfalls are rich with greenery and wildlife as a blessing of the summer Indian Ocean Monsoon Season
known as the Khareef. The town itself is bustling with shops, restaurants, traditional markets and friendly people.


The history of Salalah can be dated as far back as early Bronze Era.
Archaeologists have uncovered remains of a great mosque, tools, pottery, weapons and jewellery dating back to 2000 BCE. In the center of Salalah, archaeologist are conducting excavation of ancient city called Al Balid.
“Al-Balid is a historically late name for a place in the Mahra area transcribed with Latin letters as ,"Dhofaru" (Dhufar, Zafar, Zaf_r, etc.). This place lent its name to the surrounding area. With one of the finest and most reliable sources of sweet water in the entire region, al-Balid must have been attractive for settlement during the quaternary age... Up to now, the Iron Age settlement of al-Balid is known to us from stray finds, mostly pottery and a few lithics.
Recent excavations reveal al Baleed’s origins date from pre-Islamic times and that it was a major population centre around 2000 years BCE. It was a city of considerable importance during the late Iron Age and flourished during the Islamic periods. Prior to the Iron Age little information is available (Zarins, 2001. "The land of Incense").“
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Salalah is the crown jewel of the Sultanate of Oman and its tourist attractions will take you by surprise; there are unspoiled beaches, world class resorts, ancient historic sites, parks, gardens and much more. Places you must see are:

  • The Sultan Qaboos Mosque
  • Prophet's Emran's Tomb
  • Al-Baleed Archelolgical Park
  • Haffa Souk
  • Al Hafa Corniche
  • Museum Salalah

Salalah Festival

Salalah Tourism Festival, an indigenous fiesta that is quintessentially Omani, is a true reflection of the Sultanate's rich and diverse heritage as much as it is a celebration of the seasonal cycle of monsoon that turns the region in Dhofar governorate lush green. A festival that is so colorful and vibrant has, over the years, grown perceptibly in popularity and yet has successfully maintained its very grassroots feel.


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